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Lextorah Language Series in French:

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Languages made fun with the finest state-of-the-art Technology.

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...Thank you lextorah for the great language learning software you developed, which has helped my children greatly in learning our native language...


...The Team at Lextorah have done excellently well. With their expertise, our language lab is fully operational and students can now learn with the state-of-the-art language technology. Thank you Lextorah!

Funmi Oyegoke

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Free shipping applies to orders of N16,500 or more within Lagos.

Shipping Rates  Within Lagos:

Lagos Island/Ikoyi/ Lekki/ Victoria Island                            N1200
Lagos Mainland/Ikeja/Agege            N1000
Outskirt of Lagos                       N1500                                                              
Outside Lagos            N2200


Tax and Shipping rates applies to all orders outside Lagos. Please allow 24 hours for processing and 2-5 days for shipping for orders within and outside Lagos.

Outside Nigeria

LONDON CITY/REAT OF UK                                               N11,500                                                            
WEST AFRICA            N13,400
WESTERN EUROPE           N12,721
NORTH AMERICA            N13,456
MIDDLE EAST           N15,815
FAR EAST            N16,541
EASTERN EUROPE           N19,000
LATIN AMERICA/CARRIBEAN              N16, 645
REST OF AFRICA            N17, 650
REST OF THE WORLD           N19, 438


However we do advise that, the LLS program can be downloaded onto any windows platform. This we believe is cheaper compare to shipping the DVD package.

Tax and shipping rates applies to all order outside Lagos and outside Nigeria.

Please allow 48 hours for processing and 7-10 days for shipping outside Nigeria. This offer is valid for consumer web orders only, not retail orders. Products can also be purchased from select retailers.